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Power BI

Futureproof your reporting - Easy to get started,secure publish in cloud, nerd proof*

*code languages are embedded to enable advanced algorithms



How to present your analytics

PowerBI can create great pdf reports. When you don´t need to slice and dice your data.

Static reports can be distributed through PowerBI and look awesome when they arrive at your email or at your desired folder.

This can be a great way to start the Power BI journey by converting some of your old reporting into Power BI paginated reports.



How to present your analytics

We use PowerBI as our dynamic dashboard report viewer. It has the unique capability to both be simple and enable fast and precise implementation, but also allows advanced analytics to be implemented seamlessly. 

The need to have an interactive tool that has the abilities to be a front-end for advanced techniques such as machine learning is important in the years to come.



How to present your analytics

We use the term applications to describe how we can bundle a solution. We create a framework where we combine several dashboards in a single solution. 

This is to increase user retention, create a company wide reporting theme and create a universe around each reporting area. 

By creating applications, you give the user a sense of purpose with the exact dashboards that are presented in an application.

Doubling down on Microsoft by joining Consit Gruppen 

We are further strenghtening our commitment of bringing advanced analytics through PowerBI by joining Consit Gruppen which is a Microsoft powerhouse.

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Paginaed Repors
Paginated Reports.png

Power BI: Paginated Reports

PDF Reports - When you dont need dynamic features, but you want to use Power BI´s advanced Data Connections.

Sometimes you dont need to re-invent the wheel. By having the capabilities to create picture perfect reports and distribute them as PDF files.


Thereby ensuring your existing report portfolio while at the same time utilizing the awesome data adapters in Power BI and the distribution channels in Power BI Service.


When you want to be interactive with your data

We refer to the standard Power BI report as a dashboard. 

Power BI lets you connect with your data in a intuitive way. Data relations are embedded in the visuals creating endless options for slice and dicing of data.

Telling a story is as important as having the data available. Without a clear storyline in the build of a dashboard, the insights to be had, are at best limited. Power BI can build highly coherent storylines, but it is also very much up to the implementation analysts.

Power BI has the option to embed scripts from R or Python, this means that advanced math and statistics are possible. This seamlessly integrates into the visuals and thereby in the dashboards. So having an interactive machine learning model is possible with a Power BI dashboard.

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Tie all your dashboards together to create an immersive experience for the user.

Creating several dashboards in a single solution and using buttons to navigate are what we call applications. 

The reason for this distinction is clear: User retention and immersion. 

Creating a universe around your data and applying only relevant data and visuals for a specific page in an application, allows you to make a deep dive into specific areas without ever loosing track of the bigger picture.

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